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Cancellation / No Show Policy

We are here to provide you with the very best care and attention. We attempt to be available during the times most convenient to our patients.  At Mahogany Physiotherapy & Massage, we understand that unanticipated events occur in everyone's lives. However, out of respect for both our practitioners and the patients who are trying to get in for treatments, we ask that you do your very best to not cancel appointments at the last minute or fail to attend your scheduled appointment.


You may cancel or reschedule your appointment without charge prior to 24 hours in advance of your appointment by phone, email or voicemail. If you cancel or reschedule with less than the aforementioned notice or via voicemail after closing the business day preceding your appointment, you will be charged a $25 fee for an offense or 100% of the scheduled service price if you fail to attend on multiple occasions (repeat offence).


Out of respect to other patients and our commitment to start appointments on schedule, if you are more than 10 minutes late you may be asked to reschedule and this may also result in a rescheduling fee. Practitioners may choose to accommodate for the change if they are able with full charge of the appointment time (not prorated). If more than three visits are missed or are tardy, advance payment will be requested.



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