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Alberta Physio

Physiotherapists are experts on how your body moves and what stops it from moving. As movement specialists, physiotherapists use a hands-on approach along with modalities, machines and exerciseto help you restore, maximize and maintain your movement for the rest of your life.

Physiotherapists are dedicated to ensuring that you get back to life. As physical function and mobility experts, physiotherapists have advanced training and knowledge to assess, diagnose and treat physical symptoms and limited movement caused by pain, injury, disability or health condition. Physiotherapists treat the whole body and will show you how to avoid future injury. Our Physiotherapists are trained in Manual Therapy. This means we use hands on mobility techniques to help mobilize your injuries and get you better.

• back pain/injury • sciatica • piriformis syndrome • pregnancy related pain • joint & muscle pain • neck pain • tendonitis • tennis elbow • golfer's elbow • carpel tunnel syndrome • whiplash + car accident injury • workplace injury • chronic pain • shoulder pain • frozen shoulder • shoulder impingement • rotator cuff syndrome • strains & sprains • bell's palsy • sports injury • recovery after a fracture or surgery • post operative rehab after total knee replacement • total hip replacement • tendon, ligament and meniscus repairs • stroke • arthritis • plantar fasciitis • patellofemoral syndrome And More... If you want to spend less time in physio rehab, consider ‘prehabilitation’ Most people seek physiotherapy treatment only when they’re really hurt. At that point, the physiotherapist determines what risk factors might have contributed to the injury. But what if you could gaze into a crystal ball that could predict your injuries before they happen? A physiotherapy assessment may be the next best thing.



What is Physiotherapy and how can It help me? “Physiotherapy is the primary health care profession that promotes wellness, mobility and independent function.” –The Canadian Physiotherapy Association

How long is my first Physio appointment? Please arrive 10 minutes early to complete our intake information form. The initial assessment takes approximately 60 minutes and includes a treatment. Treatments are usually around 40 minutes but vary depending on the type of injury. It is not common to have 30+ minute appointment times with a physiotherapist and that is our standard appointment length. We believe in the value of education and quality care and we have adjusted our treatment times to reflect that.

Do you offer Telehealth Remote Virtual Physio?

Yes! We offer Telehealth services for those who cannot make it into a clinic for treatment, in the comfort of their own home.

What should I wear to my appointment? Wear clothes that are comfortable. Wear or bring a pair of shorts and a loose fitting t-shirt.

How do Physiotherapists assess? A physiotherapist will assess you using detailed history-taking as well as specific physical tests and measures, such as flexibility or range of motion. Then analyze the assessment findings and use clinical reasoning to establish a diagnosis. Together, your abilities and functional needs will be evaluated and treatment plans established.

What tools do your Physiotherapists use? Our Physios are trained in the use of IMS, Acupuncture, Laser Therapy, Manual Therapy, Myofascial Cupping, IFC, Ultrasound, Tens and a variety of braces and techniques all properly used when and where required. Some of our physiotherapists are also able to refer for diagnostic imaging such as x-ray, ultrasound and private MRI when appropriate.

I was referred to another Physiotherapy clinic by my doctor. Can I come to your clinic instead? Yes, you can receive physiotherapy at any clinic of your choosing. You should ensure that the person delivering your care is a physiotherapist registered with the College of Physiotherapists of Alberta .

Do I need a doctor’s referral? You do not need a referral from your doctor prior to attending physiotherapy, as physiotherapists are considered primary health care providers. However, some insurance companies do require a referral from your doctor in order for you to be reimbursed for expenses.

Will you contact my doctor to discuss your findings? With your permission, your physiotherapist will discuss their clinical findings with your doctor and/or other members of your health care team.

Do you work with the Workers Compensation Board of Alberta ( WCB )? Yes we work with WCB for workplace injuries to get you back to work. See below Fee Page for more info.

Why Chaparral Physiotherapy & Massage? All sessions are one-on-one with a highly skilled registered Physiotherapist, trained in the latest evidence-based techniques. We care, listen to your needs and are hands on utilizing manual therapy. We take the time to diagnose, explain your injury and treatment options. It’s important that you receive the face time you need with your physiotherapist and we provide 60 minutes assessments and 30 minute treatment times to achieve this. We take pride in having the latest tools and techniques. Our primary concern is getting you back to your peak performance.

Does physiotherapy hurt? Not necessarily. Often after a physiotherapy session you may experience some mild treatment soreness due to your body’s specific response. We do our best to ensure that you leave the clinic in feeling better than when you came in.

Do you handle sports injuries? Absolutely. We see and have vast experience in a variety of sports related injuries. Our therapist have experience with every sport from Crossfit to the Alberta Ballet.


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